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Start here! What you need to know before you start this class.

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Lesson one


Define why you do the work you do – and create a powerful decision-making filter in the process.

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Lesson two


Define your audience based on your skills and interests, their common pains, and the value they place on your work.

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Lesson three


Figure out what your audience wants and how they typically express their business needs.

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Lesson four


Your portfolio isn’t just a snapshot of past work; it represents the future projects and clients you want to attract.

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Lesson five


Increase your perceived value to clients and become a problem-solving leader in your field.

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Lesson six


Stop matching your price to the hours each task takes to complete. Price by value instead.

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Lesson seven


Unleash your best work by establishing clear processes and working methods that can evolve over time.

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Lesson eight


The best client feedback is descriptive, not prescriptive.

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Lesson nine


Connect with your audience on a regular basis to ensure that you stay bright on their radar.

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Lesson ten


The simple act of following up can generate higher and more consistent revenue for your business.

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Lesson eleven


Team up with other freelancers to expand your reach and stretch your skills.

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Lesson twelve


Diversify your income by creating a product that your audience wants and needs.

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